One view, Two cameras, Three kids

Swine Flu 2

86238908sh_002I’ve been continuing coverage of the Swine Flu around the U.S.-Mexico border area as this Pandemic has evidently gone global.  Upon arrival in Tijuana on Monday, word had not really seemed to get out as barely anyone was wearing masks.  I’m still trying to figure this thing out.  Like most Flu bugs, it will usually kill persons with weak immune systems, some elderly, and some small children.  The death count, although tragic, is just a miniscule drop in the bucket.  I would think that many people everyday die of an illness.  The overall tone throughout the media just seems so contradictory with the vibe of people out on the street.  They are treating this thing like the end of the world is coming.  I’d have a better understanding if it was some kind of disease like in the movie “Legend”, where Will Smith had to battle human Zombies because of some incurable disease that swept the world,  but this is just a flu strain that many, many people have already recovered from.  Let’s hope this thing passes and we can get back to some real news like the Susan Boyle phenominum.


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