One view, Two cameras, Three kids


Car Sales1Every so often I get a call to do earnings report photos for car companies, food companies, banks, you name it.  These are generally just quick daily stories that are old news the next day and usually do not lend themselves to good quality photos.  Most of the time, you’ll  just see a shot of a logo or food products sitting on racks in a grocery store.  For me, I take these as a challenge and force myself to get something unique.  Last week, I was assigned to shoot generic photos of car dealerships.  As I was walking around an area with multiple dealerships, I stumbled upon this guy washing Ford trucks.  It was backlit(of course) so I just rolled(no pun intended) with it and used the backlight to give the mist some glow. This won’t win the Pulitzer but it is a little different from the daily car sale offerings.


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