One view, Two cameras, Three kids


88021209sh_002Just thought I’d peek through a few shots from the last month and see if there was anything post-worthy.  I saw this shot from a story I did on the passport deadline and it reminded me of what a pain in the butt it’s going to be from now on getting through the border line.  Ever since 9/11 the rules seem to change about every month.  You need a drivers license one day, then a passport another, but wait, they’re relaxing the passport rule so you don’t need one.  Then, there used to be threat warnings which were meant to cause a little trickle in the britches.  I think it has really put much undo strain on our economic ties with Mexico.  I know so may folks who just won’t go down anymore because of the long waits getting through and the drug wars.  I think we should keep the pressure on the flow of drugs coming North but make a bit more accessible for people to cross over.  Mexicans spend something like 2 billion dollars in and around San Diego each year.  If I was a politician, I’d probably want to take note of that.


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